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Blissful Vistas
Experience the sanguine aura and relish your luxurious desires in the aesthetic accommodations, expanding into 17 acres expanse of a microcosm of elegance and modernity.
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Classy Comfort
The picturesque surroundings and opulent vibe make The Cabbana an idyllic spot for a staycation.
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Rendezvous of Souls
Turn your fleeting moments into treasured memories. The Cabbana is your perfect spot to tie that knot with your forever love.
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Rooms & Suites

The Cabbana offers a holistic combination of comfort and luxury with a scenic backdrop of lush nature. At Cabbana you get to opt for exemplary experiences while staying in luxury accommodations ranging from deluxe rooms and extravagant suites to elegant villas situated in aesthetic surroundings.

Premier Room

Mellow, warm-toned interiors of these lavishly designed rooms, have all the comforts to make you feel at home while lounging in the picturesque beauty of lush greenery.

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Suites Room

Spacious luxury suite serves as the right choice for vacationers as well as wedding guests. With wide glass windows, the luxury suite allows the radiant sun’s rays to brighten

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Luxury Villas

The Cabbana has an exclusive range of villas within its wide expanse of 17 - acres. Pick your perfect villa and spend your precious moments in the lap of luxury

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At the Cabbana your comfort and delight are well taken care of by our specifically designed amenities, curated for the best experience.


Ephemeral Events at Cabbana

The Cabbana holds exuberant events wrapped in the quintessence of serenity.


To commemorate your happy marriage, we offer you a spectacular setting for a unique destination wedding in Punjab. The opulent dining rooms and elegant

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The Cabbana is home to the finest conference rooms in Punjab, equipped to host high-profile events and key conferences owing to its wide halls and lounging areas

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Cabbana's Renvana is a high-end wellness facility offering a variety of beauty and wellness services. Enjoy the soothing massages, sit amidst the tranquil vegetation

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With its top-notch amenities for all your recreational needs set amidst picturesque surroundings and an opulent vibe, the Cabbana is an idyllic spot to unwind

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The Hotel Cabbana: Experience Luxuries Like Never Before

The Cabbana, one of the top hotels in Jalandhar, is your go-to place for everything world-class. Living in the lap of luxury amidst splendid greens and top-notch amenities feels like a dream. To wake up with the sun brightening your day, a palatial breakfast, and absolute richness feels ethereal. Isn’t it? But the Cabbana makes it a reality. The Hotel Cabbana offers you a seamless experience of living in the middle of opulence. Its world-class facilities and splendid amenities are designed with you in mind. Being one of the best hotels in Jalandhar, it offers a wide range of facilities. From deluxe rooms to prodigal wedding halls to top-notch conference spaces, we got it all.

What Makes Cabbana The Best Hotel In Jalandhar?

The holistic surrounding with pleasing decors & a backdrop of green feels like a 5-star hotel. At Cabbana, you may choose from a variety of exceptional activities. Stay in opulent accommodations, lavish suites, and magnificent villas set in beautiful settings. What more? Your comfort and pleasure are well taken care of at the Cabbana. Our specially created amenities are selected to provide a full and gratifying experience. Everything at hotel Cabbana is designed considering your big and small requirements/needs. We provide you with a top-notch stay and a secure location for your cherished moments. Having its roots in Phagwara, Punjab, staying at Cabbana feels like coming back home.

The Most Picked Wedding Locations In Jalandhar

The list doesn’t end here! The Cabbana is also one of the most picked wedding hotels in Phagwara that makes your dream wedding a reality. We provide you with a stunning location for a one-of-a-kind wedding to celebrate your union. You’ll have the impression that you’ve arrived in the heart of Paradise.

The Best of Corporate at Cabbana

The Cabbana is also an abode to some of the finest and most affluent event spaces in Phagwara. The event spaces include Grand Cabbana, Silver Lounge, Senate, and Spectra. This lets you host intimate gatherings, lavish meets, bustling events, and splendid weddings. The lounge space is sizable, well-ventilated, and furnished with modern conveniences.

Holistic Care At The Hotel Cabbana

To keep the Cabbana extravaganza going on, we also hold space for your overall wellness. We provide many beauty & wellness services at Cabbana’s Renvana spa and health facilities. Enjoy the soothing treatments amidst peaceful nature & let the music heal you. Our goal is to revitalize and soothe your senses. More importantly, our tranquil, lush nature expands living and improves your mood. At Cabbana, experience luxury, witness the grandeur, and live life to the fullest.