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Destination wedding in Punjab: The land of the best NRI weddings


Over the years, the trend of destination weddings has skyrocketed, especially among NRIs. As per many reports, with more than 18 Million people India has the largest diaspora in the world. Out of this large NRI Population, a major chunk is Indian Punjabis. Despite all the fancy comforts of living abroad, when it comes to weddings, every NRI misses the grandeur of Indian weddings.


The Punjabis demand nothing less than a big-fat Indian wedding. The reason is, India is not only a country where their roots are but also where they can be themselves. Also, choosing their homeland gives them a chance to reconnect with their soil and traditions. So it comes as no surprise that most of the NRIs prefer Punjab as their first choice for destination weddings.


Are you an NRI planning a destination wedding in Punjab?

NRI planning a destination wedding
NRI planning a destination wedding


Wedding planning is not an easy task, but with proper guidance and the right package, it can be made one. In earlier times there was no such concept of a destination wedding or wedding planner. Only Close and distant family members did all the wedding arrangements. But, nowadays, with modernism at its peak, the bride and groom prefer to plan their own wedding. Young couples often seek help from professional wedding planners.


Destination wedding packages offer a customized yet grand setup for marriages. A successful wedding includes a good location, decor,  arrangements, and good food. To notch it all up, destination wedding packages turn everything ‘good’ into ‘grand’.

So, Let’s dive in more to understand the secret to the best destination wedding planning in Punjab.


Why India for NRI Wedding?


When it comes to choosing a wedding destination, most NRIs prefer India. The reason behind this is more than India being their home country. India is not only a preferred destination for weddings by NRIs but also by many foreigners, who appreciate the rich beauty of Indian heritage and terrains. But what else makes India such an ideal destination? Let’s find out.


●  Diversity of terrains – India stands for its unity in diversity and this is evident from its rich culture, terrain, languages, and even weddings. India is one such country that gives people the option to opt for an intimate wedding in snowy hills to an exotic beach wedding. So, if you are an NRI who wishes to plan a wedding based on weather preferences or terrain choices, India is the best place. Climate and location matter the most to NRIs as no one wants to celebrate such a blessed union of souls in a setting that creates discomfort.


●  Rich culture and heritage – needless to say, India being ‘the land of culture and heritage’ adds to the grandeur of weddings. the vibrant cultural scene in India meets the traditional customary wedding rituals to create a heavenly ambiance.


●  Warmth and importance of marriages – Indian weddings are more than loaded celebrations. Traditional Indian wedding includes rituals and customs that connect the bride and groom with their cultural identities.

●  Exclusive Indian entertainment – one of the most important elements of a truly Indian wedding is its entertainment and music. The baraatis dancing to the tunes of upbeat dhol and the musical fiesta is something that only an Indian wedding can offer.


●  Affordability and feasibility – For most NRIs, one of the major concerns is to execute the wedding plans, due to the unavailability or high prices of resources. A wedding in India resolves this issue.


So many factors influencing a destination wedding can be a bit confusing. so, is there any place within India that proves ideal for all these factors? Yes! The best wedding destination in India with a blend of all the above-mentioned factors is Punjab.


Looking for the ideal wedding destination, Visit Punjab.


Punjab being the home to a large section of NRIs serves as the most preferred destination within India to host the best destination wedding. Punjab is a geographically and culturally rich state in India. With the Himalayas in the north and the surrounding stretches of green plains, the region is a perfect example of nature’s true glory.

Punjab is also known for its vibrancy in celebrations. After all, who knows how to celebrate better than Punjabis? Even in Punjab, the best choice for NRI destination wedding planning stands to be Resort Weddings. Where all the arrangements from venue to food and decor are planned and covered comprehensively. There are several luxury resorts in Punjab, such as The Cabbana, which offer wedding planning services.


Indian Themes at NRI Wedding

Indian Theme Destination Wedding



The best of Destination weddings in India are often based on one of different themes. Themed weddings are a new trend in the wedding industry in present times, where a wedding is planned and carried out by creating a scenic setting to get married in. It is a unique and smart way to incorporate all your wedding visions into one. Wedding themes may vary for different individuals.

In the case of Indian weddings, due to the varied cultural and geographical diversity, a myriad of themes are available to choose from. Even though India is rich in its diversity, the ideal way to plan a themed wedding is to pick one wedding destination and transform it with your ideal theme.


Indian Themes at NRI weddings


●  Luxury Resort wedding – This themed wedding includes an exotic luxury resort encompassing all the best facilities from the serene ambiance to customized decor. This kind of destination wedding is mostly organized by luxury hotels and resorts which offer complete wedding packages. It also serves as a perfect way to unwind in nature’s lap while enjoying the wedding festivities.


●  Beach wedding – This wedding theme includes pastel shades with a soothing backdrop of the ocean and exotic seafood.


●  Grand palace/fort wedding – Palace weddings redefine the concept of grand Indian weddings. This type of theme in weddings includes extensive planning on the wedding planner’s part. This includes a series of wedding functions organized on the regal theme.


 Multi-cultured fusion wedding – This theme involves a customized package in which the decor, food, music and entertainment are picked as per the bride and groom’s taste. Thus, creating a wedding rich in shades of different cultural aspects.


●  Modernistic wedding – although, most NRIs do not prefer this theme when planning an Indian wedding, but they may choose this theme for a few of the pre-wedding festivities or reception. It is curated as per contemporary trends.


●  Bollywood wedding – A.K.A. Big-fat Indian wedding. This wedding theme is most preferred by Punjabi NRIs while selecting wedding packages. Many times the resort managements merge the Bolly theme with the resort theme to create a personalized experience.

Weddings are also themed on the basis of colors, flowers, historical timelines, and so on.

Now, these were just some of the most popular themes that are currently in hot trends. Many times, the bride & groom, or even their families, prefer a specific theme as per their ideal vision. Planning and carrying out that theme accurately is the job of a wedding planner.


Tips to plan an NRI destination wedding in Punjab:

NRI destination wedding in Punjab
NRI destination wedding in Punjab

●   Pick the time of the wedding: Other than for obvious reasons, the month of the wedding is a crucial aspect as it determines the weather and geological conditions suitable for the guests and hosts.


●  Get in touch with a wedding planner: Even though weddings are intimate affairs, hiring a wedding planner serves as an ideal option to avoid any last-minute hassle. All you have to do is sit back and relax while all your wedding planning takes place. It would be best to


●  Wedding package: while planning a destination wedding in India, make sure you mention your theme preferences and budget to the wedding planner beforehand. Also, keep final drafts of the wedding plan, communications, etc handy at all times. Stay clear with your wedding planners as to what is included in the package.


●  Finalize your guest list and accommodations: except for the last-minute VIPs, it’s usually best to stay clear of the guests you are planning on inviting. This not only helps you to estimate the budget but also the wedding planner.


We hope this quick yet comprehensive guide will help you plan your perfect destination wedding in Punjab. After all, weddings are the biggest celebration of love, life, and happiness and deserve all sorts of grandiosity. For any kind of queries related to NRI destination weddings in Punjab, or to book yourself the best wedding destination in Punjab, reach out to us!