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From classic to casual, oriental to modern authentic Indian, the Cabbana serves it all.

Authentic and delicious food is the life of an event. Whether it’s a grand wedding, a private meeting, or something else, appetizing food plays a central role. In fact, even if you are staying all by yourself, why not treat yourself to a lavish buffet? We at Cabbana understand it all, and that’s why we bring the finest of cuisines to your plate. The Cabbana comprises a few of Jalandhar’s best drink and dining experiences. With its three-pronged dining, Cabbana is a top resort in Jalandhar, offering world-class services.Here’s what Cabbana has to offer when it comes to fine dining.

The Treasury

This all day dining establishment in Cabbana has a treasure trove of flavourful dishes. The treasury represents pan-Indian and other international cuisines. This means that in a single place, you get to experience the best of the world on a plate.

Besides appealing to your palate, the Treasury is also eye candy due to its lavish decor. All this together makes dining at Cabbana’s treasury a one-of-a-kind experience.

Bb Jaan

There’s nothing better than traditional Indian food. The flavor, the variety, and the aroma all take you back to the good old days. Keeping this in mind, the Cabana presents a gourmet experience in a classically rich setting. This regal dining experience will infuse your palette with the imperial flavors of Indian nawabs. Bb is the jewel of the Cabbana, owing to its artistic menu prepared by seasoned chefs.

As if this was not enough, Bb Jaan is also adored with the finest decor and interior. This adds more to its royalty and gives you a feel of sitting in a royal darbar. If you want to experience the best of regal in Jalandhar, Cabbana’s Bb Jaan welcomes you!

Bar 888

What’s a night without a few drinks? And what’s a resort without the finest bar? At Cabana, we feature a hand-picked selection of best-assorted beverages and cocktails. These all are prepared with the finest liquor from across the globe and taste like sips from heaven. Enjoy drinks, cocktails, and more right near the city of Jalandhar.

Each of these locations in Cabbana is carefully and artistically designed to give you the best dining experience.

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