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The Cabbana offers a holistic blend of comfort and luxury with a backdrop of lush greenery. At Cabbana, one of the best hotels in Jalandhar, experience splendid living ranging from deluxe rooms to elegant villas. The blend of aesthetic ambience and opulent housing feels like living in the lap of luxury.

Premier Room

The mellow, warm-toned interiors of the rooms feel like being at home. Experience richness while lounging in the picturesque beauty of refreshing lush greenery. The premier rooms are thoughtfully designed to make you feel at peace. At Cabbana you experience comfort like never before.

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Suites Room

Spacious luxury suite serves as the right choice for vacationers and wedding guests. With wide glass windows, the luxury suite allows the radiant sun’s rays to brighten up your stay. What more? The splendid green settings fused with a serene buffet feel like being at home.

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Luxury Villas

The Cabbana, one of the well-known luxury hotels in Jalandhar, offers a wide range of villas. Pick your perfect villa, get it customized, and spend your priceless moments in the lap of luxury.

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At the Cabbana your comfort and delight are taken care of by our designed amenities. These are thoughtfully curated for a rich and gratifying experience. We provide you with a posh living experience and a safe space for you priceless moments.


Ephemeral Events at Cabbana

The Cabbana holds exuberant events wrapped in the quintessence of serenity.


To celebrate your happy marriage, we offer a spectacular setting for your wedding in Punjab. The sumptuous dining rooms and decorous surroundings will leave you in absolute awe.

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The Cabbana, one of the top hotels in Jalandhar, is home to the finest conference rooms in Punjab. It is well-equipped to host high-profile events and key conferences. With its wide halls and lounging areas adorned with modern conveniences. Together this certifies a high-end corporate experience and ensures seamless business meets.

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Cabbana's Renvana spa studio and Health club facility offers various beauty & wellness services. Enjoy the soothing massages, be with tranquil vegetation, and let music heal you. Our focus at Cabbana is to restore and relax your senses. More so, our relaxing lush greenery reinvigorates your mood and expands living.

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Cabbana's top-notch amenities make it a perfect spot to unwind and relax. We welcome you to come to relax within its lush greenery & invigorate your being. The picturesque décor has been thoughtfully designed to cool and relax your senses. The intricately planned-out decors are cathartic and make you feel all new.

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Why Destination Weddings Are The New Trend That Is Taking India By Storm!

Opulent, Ostentatious, glamorous, vibrant- all words that are synonymous with ‘INDIAN WEDDINGS’! No matter what the weather or time of the year, weddings in India have always been a fanfare. Now, even the destination is no bar to make weddings just as celebratory. Come the new fad of ‘destination weddings’. The preference of hosting weddings at locations other than the bride’s or the groom’s hometown has become even more so popular now. Earlier, destination weddings were a symbol of social stature with many celebrities hosting lavish weddings at exotic locations. But these days, In India especially, such celebrations are the order of the day, with most youngsters thinking out of the box and wanting to do something different to make unforgettable memories.

A New Place To Ace!

Weddings create memories for a lifetime. So hosting a wedding in a new or exotic location makes for unique experiences and offers more excitement and freshness to the celebrations.

 Hosting a wedding in the hometown comes with abundant stress and ample rituals that the bride and the groom along with their families have to comply with. A new destination certainly extends a respite from the duress of undergoing the preparatory process and expectations. The exotic backdrops and definitely more social media worthy photographs cannot be ruled out, and hence, memories that you’d love to preserve for posterity.

Better Deals To Make Your Wedding A Steal

This might come as  a surprise, but sometimes hosting a wedding in an entirely new place can turn out to be way more reasonable than a traditional big fat Indian wedding. This is because hotels offer such unbelievable package deals that cover  the cost of all arrangements-  from meals and accommodation to decor, pick ups, the welcome, makeup and hair in comparison to traditional big fat Indian weddings. Usually the hotel you book as the venue, arranges for all these facilities and even adds on some frills at no extra cost.

Hosting a destination at locations within India can cost even lesser as the travel cost could be cut down considerably. Domestic and unique locations that are within driving distance from the hometown are  now gaining popularity such as Rishikesh near Delhi, Morni Hills near Chandigarh , and The Cabbana Resort & Spa near Jalandhar.

The Cabbana Resort & Spa is the newest property located in the outskirts of the Jalandhar city, surrounded by the lush green gardens with an exotic views, offering a unique destination perfect to host weddings at the most reasonable prices.

Intimate & Close-Knit, Your Wedding Made Liit!

Destination weddings mean that not everyone within your social periphery will be invited. It is an unsaid fact that since it would be a wedding vacation of sorts, and so could be a close-knit family affair or with just a few people that mean the most to you. A big fat Indian wedding could extend up to 3-4 days of non-stop ceremonies and a continuous inflow of wedding guests, giving no time to either the bride or the groom for some down time or time to bond with each other and the families. A destination wedding  certainly takes a load off your back to comply with social norms of inviting extended families and acquaintances. Hence, destination weddings give the bride and the groom an opportunity to celebrate the most special day of their life and get time to acquaint themselves with each other’s closest friends and family, and make for unparalleled memories too!

A Ceremony A Day, Makes A Perfect Vacay

A new exotic location calls for an extended celebration! A vacation that is also a celebration is a win-win for everyone involved in the ceremonies. A typical traditional Indian wedding usually is a 2-day affair. A destination wedding then takes the cake as it usually extends up to a full week. Since the families are together anyway to celebrate, destination weddings end up to be a kind of mini vacation. Picking an exotic location could also mean that it be a honeymoon destination for the bride and the groom post the celebrations. A wedding vacation! Now that’s certainly a win-win situation.

How To Plan Your Budget & Host The Most Flawless Destination Wedding In India

Planning a destination wedding? It’s probably one of the best decisions to host one, considering the many reasons it holds an advantage over a simple traditional one or a big fat Indian one. The excitement of celebrating the beginning of a new life from an exotic location is unsurpassable. Destination weddings in India are a week or even longer affair, extending a long holiday with your closest friends and family.

But planning one can be tricky and daunting. The moment one hears the words ‘destination wedding’, it is largely assumed that it will be an exorbitant affair. Arranging travel, accommodation, decor, food, make-up artists and the like can throw you off if you are not well planned with a budget in mind. The first step to planning is creating a checklist with everything that will incur costs. From booking in advance to limited guest list,  we have zeroed down the aspects that will help plan your budget for a fool-proof, memorable destination wedding in India.

Book Much In Advance

Destination weddings may give you respite from the usual humdrum of Indian weddings, but it surely cannot be planned at the nth hour and requires more planning. A wedding in an exotic location means bookings must be made for airport transfers, accommodation for the guests, decor and the works, much in advance. It is a known fact that the earlier you book the better prices you can secure for stays and flights or any other mode of conveyance. Booking ahead also eliminates the risk of non availability at the choice of your hotel and time and date of your preferred flight. Bookings made at the last minute may cost more by a considerable amount.

Keep The Guest List Short

We understand that keeping the guest short is not an easy task, and that you may wish to include all your friends and family members in celebrating your wedding. But this is where a destination wedding scores. When you plan a destination wedding, you can make your list crisp and have your closest few through the ceremonies. This will cut costs by a substantial amount. Keeping the guest list upto 50 people can easily make it economical.

Plan During Off Season

This one needs no explanation. Off seasons are the best to host a destination wedding as firstly, since inflow of visitors are much less during this time, which has the hotel concentrating better on your wedding and giving you the best service. An off season also gives the benefit of the lowest ever prices. As they say, hit when the iron is hot.

Pick A Nearby Destination

The closer the wedding venue the lesser you will shell out for travel costs. A destination wedding venue that is a few hours drive away, will cut the cost of flights or trains. To top it all, you also get to experience a fun road trip with your closest friends and family members!

Keep Miscellaneous Costs In Your Budget Cost

Yes, this is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning a budget for a destination wedding. Usually, we overlook small costs, concentrating only on the main aspects like food, decor, flights and  drinks. But the miscellaneous costs can pile up and increase your budget way beyond your means. Hence, expenses like plus 1s, cost of vehicles to take guests to and fro the airport or station, cost of backup  outfits etc, must be taken into consideration right from the beginning.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and must be celebrated with ease, happiness and stress-free. Keeping the factors stated above in mind will have you planning a flawless destination wedding.

The Best Wedding Venues In Punjab Offer Unique Locations For Exquisite Celebrations

Weddings in India have meant something special for generations. They are a true spectacle of Indian traditions and fervour that isn’t seen anywhere else in the world. The myriad of colours, ensembles, the razzmatazz of music and dance with near and dear ones, the hullabaloo of 3-4 days long celebrations, all encompass wholesome weddings.

But the first step to creating the wedding of your dreams is to find the venue of your dreams! Which place better than ‘sadda Punjab’ to set the mood, vibe and ambience rolling to a complete Indian wedding?

Much like Bollywood songs amidst the ‘sarson ke khet’ and culture vibes, Punjab offers such offbeat and unique destination wedding venues, that will take your celebrations some notches up for sure!

Here, we list 5 very unique, ‘desi’, yet classy wedding venues in the Land of Five Rivers to elevate your big day into a memorable and momentous celebration. This iconic repertoire of grand palaces, world class resorts and iconic properties ensure that from rituals to vows, from traditionally romantic to intimate and contemporary, you don’t compromise on anything.


Kingsville Resorts


This luxurious venue offers ethereal settings for an enchanting wedding extending a beautiful canvas to make your celebrations as colourful as can be. Located on the Bhanour- Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana, Kingsville Resorts offers a convenient, stylish, plush and green venue.  A celebration as special as a wedding must create memories of a lifetime, and Kingsville Resorts offers spaces that offer all that-splendour amidst nature. The resort is reminiscent of royalty and stature, and provides a perfect wedding venue in Punjab. Whether a large gathering or an intimate celebration, Kingsville Resorts creates an ambience of your choice with spacious and grand lush lawns and banquet spaces that can easily accommodate over 1000 people. Situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city, the resort makes your events convenient by offering customized catering plans as per your needs and budget. Situated on the outskirts of the city of Ludhiana, Kingsville offers expansive spaces that you can avail to make weddings as magnificent as you wish to. It will be safe to say that the resort extends five-star resort facilities such as the biggest air-conditioned hall in Ludhiana, large manicured lawn, parking inside the premises, open air stages, air conditioned bedrooms and all amenities exuding modernity. You can be rest assured that here, every one of your wedding functions will be a stunning accomplishment & an opulent experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.


The Cabbana Resort & Spa


The Cabbana Resort and spa is counted among the top 10 luxury hotels in Jalandhar and the best wedding venue for destination weddings in Punjab. The resort is a unique combination of magnificence and nature’s greens that makes it a space extending holistic comfort and opulent ambience. It is a 5-star resort situated off the NH1 national highway, and is 5 km from the city of Phagwara, Punjab, amidst the scenic beauty of mountains and a lush expanse of greenery. Gorgeous, picturesque backdrops, immaculate service, warm and comfortable rooms and luxuriant infrastructure all form the essence of The Cabbana Resort & Spa. Situated on the Jalandhar-Phagwara highway, the entire expanse of the resort is immersed in tranquility and indulgence, bringing a picture-perfect retreat that uniquely encapsulates the serene experience of staying within nature’s lushest- The Cabbana is your sanctuary of comfort!

But when it comes to weddings at Cabbana, they ensure each of your wedding fantasies is fulfilled in the most pleasing way possible. The Cabbana is an exquisite destination for celebrating weddings that are not only unique in terms of the location, but also in the various customisable wedding packages they offer. Whether you prefer to walk down a fully carpeted aisle or spend a blessed time of union with your loved ones under the stars and open sky, The Cabbana’s 4 banquet spaces make for unparalleled venues.

The Cabbana promises to be with you through the entire duration- from planning, services, decor, food and everything else that goes into making you a happy customer. The resort also boasts of playing host to many celebrity weddings.

The Cabbana’s sleek modern architecture is a 17 acre expanse, exuding elegance, blended in extravagance, making it an awe-striking destination wedding venue. The space offers airy rooms featuring wood or Italian marble floors, and glass-walled bathrooms, for a splendid stay option for your guests too! At The Cabbana, your comfort and delight are well taken care of by their specifically designed amenities, curated for the best experience.

The hotel and resort is the pinnacle of all exclusive events, cherished celebrations, and revivifying retreats owing to its tranquil outlook, contemporary conveniences, and expert servicing.


The Heritage


The Heritage is a palatial wedding venue located on GT Road, Near Khajurla, Jalandhar-Phagwara

Highway, Jalandhar. The place offers a destination that is dipped in Punjab’s flamboyant wedding culture. If you’re looking to host a true blue Punjabi wedding, this is the place for you. The Heritage offers a spacious, opulent and majestic ambience that will make your wedding functions befitting royalty.

Heritage truly brings about the experience of designer weddings and opulent theme parties alive. With spaces that can accommodate upto 3000 guests, their utmost proficiency & professionalism will ensure that each of your guests receive special attention. The space provides the choice of ostentatious indoor and outdoor spaces and catering services that ensure an extravagant food spread inspired by international trends. Their immaculate hospitality and service will bring each and every ceremony alive.

The Heritage also provides in-house catering services with a wide variety of menus prepared by experienced chefs, alongside other services such as providing professional decorators that are efficient and creative, and in-house DJ. The Heritage dedicates its spaces and surroundings to health and wellness with facilities that you and your guests can avail. The entire team is proficient in creating wedding packages for you, that are customisable as per your style. Whether a fairytale wedding or an understated one,  The Heritage offers special theme wedding ideas to make the day spectacular.


Imperial Manor


Imperial Manor is Jalandhar’s premier luxury wedding destination, a luxurious resort situated on Jalandhar-hoshiarpur highway near village Nangal shama, Ramamandi, Jalandhar. Owing to being located on the outskirts of the city, the resort offers an ambience that speaks tranquility, expansive spaces, green surroundings and gorgeous backdrops. The entire expanse brings in a sense of opulence and regency. 

The premise offers the best of both worlds- two stunning banquet halls for the times you prefer indoors, and the attached lush green beautifully landscaped lawns for the outdoor ceremonies. No matter what the occasion or ceremony, Imperial Manor comes loaded with an array of services such as exquisite theme decorations that are curated by a team of professionals to make it perfect, an in-house valet service for the convenience of the guests, top class catering to make the celebration grand, DJ services to bring every ceremony alive and even complete planning packages that take care of all bits of the wedding, and post wedding soirees.

Whether you are looking for an ideal wedding venue in Punjab for pre-wedding celebrations, shoots, business conferences, offsights or launches and exhibitions, Imperial Manor  is the one-stop destination for spectacular events! Palms at Imperial Manor is the latest wedding venue at Imperial Manor. Featuring a stunning banquet hall and attached landscaped garden, it provides a luxurious venue ideal for Weddings, Engagements, Receptions & Corporate functions of 50 to 600 guests.


B. R. Resorts


BR Resorts, Amritsar is a farmhouse wedding venue located on the Chheharta Bypass of the city. Located within the city that holds a rich cultural background and iconic places, the resort holds the essence. B.R.Resorts extends an ambience that seems far from the crowded city centre, yet makes for an ideal vibrant wedding venue in Punjab.

If you are looking to host a unique destination wedding, then no city like Amritsar. One venue in the city that represents a perfect wedding, it is B.R. Resorts. The resort offers a plethora of facilities and services to have you host a dream wedding. With immaculate amenities for complete comfort for your guests and facilities that offer warmth, comfort and convenience, the resort fulfills all your wedding needs.  Their services include in-house catering, inhouse DJ, inhouse alcohol and provide inhouse decor all under one roof, perfect for your special functions

B. R. Resorts are one of the best places to host all your pre-wedding functions to post-wedding functions in a flawless way.

The resort houses two types of venues- banquet halls and expansive lawns. Their banquet halls are large, bright and comfortable with all modern facilities and services, and can accommodate upto 500 people, making it a unique wedding venue in Punjab. They have decor options and settings available , whether for a roka ceremony or a great grand reception. The huge lush green marriage lawn at B.R. Resorts is an exquisite space, ideal for the big fat Indian weddings, and accommodate upto 2500 people. Marvellous decorations, floral inclusions and stunning lighting create a special atmosphere at your wedding and turn your celebration into a dream wedding destination.

Bring uniqueness to your celebrations at these locations across Punjab, for everything you need to make weddings you host memorable!