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How To Plan Your Budget & Host The Most Flawless Destination Wedding In India

Planning a destination wedding? It’s probably one of the best decisions to host one, considering the many reasons it holds an advantage over a simple traditional one or a big fat Indian one. The excitement of celebrating the beginning of a new life from an exotic location is unsurpassable. Destination weddings in India are a week or even longer affair, extending a long holiday with your closest friends and family.

But planning one can be tricky and daunting. The moment one hears the words ‘destination wedding’, it is largely assumed that it will be an exorbitant affair. Arranging travel, accommodation, decor, food, make-up artists and the like can throw you off if you are not well planned with a budget in mind. The first step to planning is creating a checklist with everything that will incur costs. From booking in advance to limited guest list,  we have zeroed down the aspects that will help plan your budget for a fool-proof, memorable destination wedding in India.

Book Much In Advance

Destination weddings may give you respite from the usual humdrum of Indian weddings, but it surely cannot be planned at the nth hour and requires more planning. A wedding in an exotic location means bookings must be made for airport transfers, accommodation for the guests, decor and the works, much in advance. It is a known fact that the earlier you book the better prices you can secure for stays and flights or any other mode of conveyance. Booking ahead also eliminates the risk of non availability at the choice of your hotel and time and date of your preferred flight. Bookings made at the last minute may cost more by a considerable amount.

Keep The Guest List Short

We understand that keeping the guest short is not an easy task, and that you may wish to include all your friends and family members in celebrating your wedding. But this is where a destination wedding scores. When you plan a destination wedding, you can make your list crisp and have your closest few through the ceremonies. This will cut costs by a substantial amount. Keeping the guest list upto 50 people can easily make it economical.

Plan During Off Season

This one needs no explanation. Off seasons are the best to host a destination wedding as firstly, since inflow of visitors are much less during this time, which has the hotel concentrating better on your wedding and giving you the best service. An off season also gives the benefit of the lowest ever prices. As they say, hit when the iron is hot.

Pick A Nearby Destination

The closer the wedding venue the lesser you will shell out for travel costs. A destination wedding venue that is a few hours drive away, will cut the cost of flights or trains. To top it all, you also get to experience a fun road trip with your closest friends and family members!

Keep Miscellaneous Costs In Your Budget Cost

Yes, this is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning a budget for a destination wedding. Usually, we overlook small costs, concentrating only on the main aspects like food, decor, flights and  drinks. But the miscellaneous costs can pile up and increase your budget way beyond your means. Hence, expenses like plus 1s, cost of vehicles to take guests to and fro the airport or station, cost of backup  outfits etc, must be taken into consideration right from the beginning.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event and must be celebrated with ease, happiness and stress-free. Keeping the factors stated above in mind will have you planning a flawless destination wedding.