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The Cabbana offers an exquisite selection of accommodations to its guests, while they spend their treasured moments turning them into effervescent memories. 

Rooms – The tastefully built 126 Sq ft rooms have soothing, comfy furnishings with all the amenities you need to unwind amidst the breathtaking backdrop of thick nature. The modern facilities found in Cabbana Deluxe rooms include king- and double-sized beds, complimentary wi-fi, updated bathrooms, and high-end toiletries. 
Suites – Spacious luxury suite serves as the right choice for vacationers and wedding guests. Modern designs and a regal atmosphere are artistically combined in the interiors. You will experience opulence at Cabbana both outside and within the room. The lavish suite’s large glass windows let the sun’s beams illuminate your days as you take in the surrounding beauty.

Villas – Within its vast span of 17 acres, The Cabbana is home to a luxurious selection of villas in close proximity to the city of Jalandhar. You can select one of the four available villa styles based on your top preferences. Choose the perfect home based on your aesthetic preferences to spend countless hours in comfort.

      • Bianca villa  
      • Eternity villa 
      • Tiara villa 
      • Aramis villa