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Why Destination Weddings Are The New Trend That Is Taking India By Storm!

Opulent, Ostentatious, glamorous, vibrant- all words that are synonymous with ‘INDIAN WEDDINGS’! No matter what the weather or time of the year, weddings in India have always been a fanfare. Now, even the destination is no bar to make weddings just as celebratory. Come the new fad of ‘destination weddings’. The preference of hosting weddings at locations other than the bride’s or the groom’s hometown has become even more so popular now. Earlier, destination weddings were a symbol of social stature with many celebrities hosting lavish weddings at exotic locations. But these days, In India especially, such celebrations are the order of the day, with most youngsters thinking out of the box and wanting to do something different to make unforgettable memories.

A New Place To Ace!

Weddings create memories for a lifetime. So hosting a wedding in a new or exotic location makes for unique experiences and offers more excitement and freshness to the celebrations.

 Hosting a wedding in the hometown comes with abundant stress and ample rituals that the bride and the groom along with their families have to comply with. A new destination certainly extends a respite from the duress of undergoing the preparatory process and expectations. The exotic backdrops and definitely more social media worthy photographs cannot be ruled out, and hence, memories that you’d love to preserve for posterity.

Better Deals To Make Your Wedding A Steal

This might come as  a surprise, but sometimes hosting a wedding in an entirely new place can turn out to be way more reasonable than a traditional big fat Indian wedding. This is because hotels offer such unbelievable package deals that cover  the cost of all arrangements-  from meals and accommodation to decor, pick ups, the welcome, makeup and hair in comparison to traditional big fat Indian weddings. Usually the hotel you book as the venue, arranges for all these facilities and even adds on some frills at no extra cost.

Hosting a destination at locations within India can cost even lesser as the travel cost could be cut down considerably. Domestic and unique locations that are within driving distance from the hometown are  now gaining popularity such as Rishikesh near Delhi, Morni Hills near Chandigarh , and The Cabbana Resort & Spa near Jalandhar.

The Cabbana Resort & Spa is the newest property located in the outskirts of the Jalandhar city, surrounded by the lush green gardens with an exotic views, offering a unique destination perfect to host weddings at the most reasonable prices.

Intimate & Close-Knit, Your Wedding Made Liit!

Destination weddings mean that not everyone within your social periphery will be invited. It is an unsaid fact that since it would be a wedding vacation of sorts, and so could be a close-knit family affair or with just a few people that mean the most to you. A big fat Indian wedding could extend up to 3-4 days of non-stop ceremonies and a continuous inflow of wedding guests, giving no time to either the bride or the groom for some down time or time to bond with each other and the families. A destination wedding  certainly takes a load off your back to comply with social norms of inviting extended families and acquaintances. Hence, destination weddings give the bride and the groom an opportunity to celebrate the most special day of their life and get time to acquaint themselves with each other’s closest friends and family, and make for unparalleled memories too!

A Ceremony A Day, Makes A Perfect Vacay

A new exotic location calls for an extended celebration! A vacation that is also a celebration is a win-win for everyone involved in the ceremonies. A typical traditional Indian wedding usually is a 2-day affair. A destination wedding then takes the cake as it usually extends up to a full week. Since the families are together anyway to celebrate, destination weddings end up to be a kind of mini vacation. Picking an exotic location could also mean that it be a honeymoon destination for the bride and the groom post the celebrations. A wedding vacation! Now that’s certainly a win-win situation.