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Your key to finding the best wedding place in India

Everyone dreams of a perfect wedding and one crucial aspect of every dream wedding is the wedding place. Some couples want a cozy intimate place to get wedded at, while others look for grand panoramas to design their flawless wedding. The wedding place is the most fundamental part of the wedding preparations. Irrespective of the culture, wedding planners all around the world lay utmost emphasis on the wedding venue.


From breezy hillside weddings to elegant beach weddings, wedding destinations are detrimental to curating the best wedding experiences. The choice of a wedding venue depends on several factors such as the proximity to the hotels, the area of the property, packages offered, availability during wedding season, and many more.


When it comes to weddings in India, the wedding place holds extra importance. Unlike foreign countries, Indian weddings include a whole array of pre and post-wedding functions such as haldi, sangeet, ring ceremony reception, etc. As we know, India is a richly diverse country, hence, the wedding festivities change as per the change in culture. But one thing that stands common in all Indian weddings is the importance of the wedding venue.

Some families prefer to host pre-wedding functions at their own houses while others prefer luxury settings customized for each unique function. Now the question is out of such diverse preferences, what makes for an ideal wedding venue?


What makes for a perfect wedding place in India?


Although any place that makes the union of two souls a.k.a wedding happens is the ideal place, still choosing one of the many wedding venues is a primary need. If we talk about India, the beauty of the country is unparalleled. India, owing to its diverse topography and cultural diversity serves as the best place to get married. But, Indian Weddings involve the participation of more than just the main couple. There is the family, the friends, and the relatives. So, when you have a vast range of choices and even more people to please, landing on one specific choice gets really tough. But for now, let us discuss what makes for an ideal wedding place.


Attributes of a good wedding place :


Space – The first attribute of an acceptable wedding place is the area of expanse. This feature relies on another important factor which is the number of wedding guests. If you are looking for an intimate wedding affair, a cosy place would be the right fit for you, but if you have a long list of loved ones, it’s better to book a wider wedding venue. The most obvious reason for this differentiation is the comfort of you and your guests. The wedding space must not be too cramped up that it feels suffocating nor too wide about to make it difficult to reach out to different people, balance is what one must aim for.


Now, one more thing about wedding spaces is the diversion into indoor and outdoor areas. Most of contemporary wedding planners and even many couples prefer to keep areas for different festivities separated despite being at one location. A wedding venue with proper indoor and outdoor space works as a wonder in that case.


Facilities – another very important attribute that every wedding planner checks before booking a place is the basic amenities provided by the venue. Some venues come with facilities like pick & drop, in-room dining for guests, 24×7 wi-fi support, fully surveillance property, and much more.


Accommodation – As per the current scenario, most couples getting married prefer scenic wedding places. But, with increasing urbanization, such scenic settings are often located outside the main city, which requires proper accommodation facilities to be available at the wedding venue. So, it is important to look for a wedding place that not only offers proper stay but also services to guests. This applies not only to the local guests but also in cases when the wedding guest list includes NRIs and people traveling from far areas of the country.


Surroundings – A good wedding place is not just what the architecture or the actual property holds. In fact, the aptness of any place is also determined by its neighboring locations. For example, if a person is planning to get married in Punjab say at The Cabbana, they wouldn’t just want to stay in the resort, however grand it may be. Especially, people from across the world or nation would prefer to experience the true beauty of Punjab.


These were a few of the basic features to look for when selecting a wedding place, but these traits do not make any wedding place the ideal one. It takes a lot to find that perfect wedding venue.


Attributes of the best wedding place :


Flexibility – wedding planning is not a trivial job as we know, and thus it brings with itself a number of last-minute changes. However, most of the wedding places and their managers do not comply with these changes last minute, thus causing unnecessary dissatisfaction among the hosts and the guests. Therefore, while booking any venue it is very important to make sure that the hotel/resort staff are empathetic, flexible, and compliant to such requests. For instance, The Cabbana Resort is by far the best wedding venue in Punjab which offers seamless and flexible wedding packages to ensure a happy celebration for you and your guests.


Hospitality – Be it our home or any hotel, how good our hospitality is ensured how happy our guests will be. And when it comes to wedding guests, extra care needs to be taken. This trait even though is one of the most basic criteria is often overlooked while selecting the wedding place. Good hospitality equals a happy guest. Therefore, it’s a primary necessity for any hotel or resort to ensure their staff personnel is well-trained and polite in their demeanor while dealing with guests. After all, hospitality is the reflection of the true quality of management. 


Cultural connect – In present times, almost everything is under the western influence and so are the wedding places and planners around the country. This is causing a distance from the true Indian culture which was earlier visible quite distinctly in the wedding packages. Thus, if you are looking for a truly Indian wedding, the wedding place or package must have a cultural vibe to it, either naturally or artificially customized.


Tech friendly – With technological advancement in almost every sphere of life, why should weddings be left out? Nowadays, there are several hotels and resorts which offer technical upgradation with their wedding packages. Ever seen those aesthetic slo-mo reels made using the rotating selfie stick or the wedding film created using drones? Isn’t that all quite interesting to look at? If you also want such additions to your wedding package, contact your venue managers or wedding planners priorly.


Booking a wedding place is easier with these tips


Now, that we have gathered all the important information regarding wedding places and their necessary attributes, let’s look at a few things to keep in mind when booking your wedding venue.


  • Book the wedding place much in advance. If possible, book the venue before the wedding season starts, to ensure you get your choice of place at cheaper costs.
  • Make sure you clarify all pointers in your wedding package. And mention your demands and requirements before signing the contract.
  • Discuss the payment plans beforehand.
  • Needless to say but provide your guest list to the management and ensure prior arrangements of all the welcome arrangements along with accommodation facilities if needed.
  • Sometimes, amiability is more important than amenities. Therefore, before anything else make sure your wedding place manager/planner is friendly and connects with your wedding vision.

Plan your budget before your plan your wedding


Weddings, as we can agree, are a costly affair, but this happy affair should not leave a hole in your pocket, right? So, one important part of wedding management is financial planning or budget management. With all the many pre and post-wedding functions, it is very important to mark and maintain your wedding budget priorly. If you are planning to get married soon and looking for some tips to manage your budget, here are some quick tips.


  • Decide upon your guest list and catering menu beforehand. This will help you analyze your major expenses.
  • Next comes the wedding place, it is always the best option to book the wedding venue much in advance to cut last-minute price rises.
  • Segment and categories your wedding budget as per your wedding functions. The number of pre-wedding functions and receptions can make or break your smooth wedding budget flow.
  • Be clear with your wedding planner about payment plans and take receipts of all the exchanges made.
  • A wedding budget rule that most of planners follow is to spend below 40% of all the wedding expenses on venue, food, drinks
  • First, keep aside the budget for important expenses and then spend on luxury.

The foremost quality that one should be looking for in a wedding venue should be the ability of the place to offer a cherishing celebration. A celebration that allows the main couple, the guests, and the host, all a joyous experience. All this is possible with proper planning and budgeting throughout the events. There are many wedding venues that not only provide beautiful spaces to get married but also wonderful packages such as The Cabbana in Punjab, which offers seamless wedding planning, many famous celebrities are a testament to this. Reach out to us for planning your dream wedding.